Sunday, July 13, 2008

Mike Thomas

Mike Thomas was the cutest guy in the third grade. He was probably the first guy, other than my first cousin, on whom I ever consciously had a bona fide crush. Everyone liked him. He lived across town with his father, the local game warden, and his mother, an artist, and an older sister.

At an early age it was clear he had his own share of artistic talent. His mother occasionally came to our school to teach us about drawing, perspective, and share some of her life work with us. His father's life working for Wyoming Fish and Wildlife as a local game warden, particularly in an area with lots of hunting abuses, was also fascinating.

Mike moved away before we graduated over thirty-five years ago, and I always imagined he'd somehow pursued his art.

He's now one of the premier bronze sculptors of the American West.

D. Michael Thomas.

Those who will be fortunate to own his pieces or have them grace their homes are lucky so-and-sos, indeed.

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