Monday, April 22, 2013

Guy Masters

When I knew Guy Masters, he was a cute redhead who liked to flirt. We both worked in the same office for Dr. Marion J. Bentley at BYU, both of us were doing assistantships, and Guy was a Political Science major. For a while, we shared office space. He was adorable, fun, amiable, extremely good natured, entertaining.

A redhead. In a good way.

I hadn't thought of Guy for years, really, but I have very fond memories of sharing space with him. As I recall, one year for Christmas gift exchange, I made him hand-personalized bookplates. There were some other great guys in that office over the time I worked there, including Scott Woolley. Guy was probably of all of them the most completely relaxed, light, and fun.

Guy Masters.

Guy Masters is now Senior Vice President for The Camden Group.